Kanokamperen Weipoortse Vliet

In Touch with Dutch Wildlife 
... wake up between sheep and cows at the Weipoortse Vliet!
We invite you to a cosy night in the outdoors! Eerstejaars are welcome to participate.
Next Friday (Oct 17, 20:00) we go kanokamperen at the Weipoortse Vliet, the most subnatural place around Leiden I've seen so far. We gather at 8pm at Levitas and grab a canoe and/or kayak. We expect to be back on Saturday morning around 11am for the Matdag.Who prefers not to go there by water can reach the place by bike as well. 
What to bring? Everything you need to feel comfy, but be aware that you have to carry it in a small boat. Some useful items are:
  • big bottle of water
  • a filled stomach on Friday evening
  • warm sleeping bag and mattress
  • white/red small light
  • a bivy sack or tent 
  • warm, dry clothes
  • for swimmers: small towel :-)
  • toothbrush
  • your favorite breakfast to share with the group
For questions and sign up send an email to Ricci (or to outdoor@levitas.nl) and tell us whether you need and/or bring a tent.
See you next week!
Ricci for Levitas Outdoor